Vocoder Vst Plugin For Cubase


  1. Even though the plugin is 32-bit only, 64-bit Cubase will automatically bridge it for you. If you’re running 64-bit Cubase you just need to make sure that mda Vocoder.dll is in your VST 2 Plug-in Paths in Cubase. If you have a whole 32-bit VstPlugins folder on your computer, I do NOT recommend including that in your 64-bit Cubase paths. Instead maybe put the mda plugins in a separate location and only add that one folder to your Cubase VST 2 Plug-in Paths.
  2. In the Vocoder External Carrier demo project (or your own Cubase project), select Project > Add Track > Group Channel and create a Stereo group named Vocoder.
  3. Add Vocoder as an insert on the newly-created group channel. If you’re running 64-bit Cubase, you’ll see the oft-confusing ‘II’ icon, which indicates it is a 32-bit plugin. Do not confuse it for meaning VST 2 (mda Vocoder is actually a VST 1.0 plugin), or the very similar-looking ‘III’ icon to indicate VST 3 plugins.
  4. Select the 16 Band Vocoder preset in Vocoder.
  5. Pan your Modulator Audio channel all the way to the left (this is not a typo, will explain later) and route the track’s audio output to the Vocoder group.
  6. If you’re using an audio track or group channel as your carrier signal, select that track in Cubase. In the Carrier track’s inspector, pan it all the way to the right and route its output to the Vocoder group.
    Otherwise, if you are using a VST plugin as your carrier, open the MixConsole, and on the channel strip where your plugin resides, pan the track to the left and change the output routing to the Vocoder group channel.
  7. This plugin can get pretty loud, so I recommend dialing the volume on the Vocoder group channel back to around -6db.
  8. Begin playback on a section of your project that loops your modulator and carrier tracks. If you hear distortion, you might have to check the levels of your group channel, the modulator, or the carrier. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed that the plugin UI says ‘RIGHT’ for the Mod In parameter, even though we currently have our modulator track panned to the left. This appears to be a typo inside the plugin; LEFT and RIGHT are reversed in the plugin UI.
    If you don’t hear any playback at all, make sure you routed your carrier and modulator sources properly. If the voice doesn’t sound very vocoded at all (more like just a lo-fi version of the original vocals), make sure you’ve selected RIGHT for Mod In instead of LEFT.



Free Vocoder Vst Plugins


Vocoder Vst Plugin For Cubase Vst


Vocoder Vst Download




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